Another Virtual Walk Update

I looked at my Virtual Walk directions this morning and realised that I haven’t done a proper Virtual Walk update since 2nd January.  Yes, I did mention it in my 101 in 1001 update in March but apart from that, nothing.

And, yes, I have directions for my Virtual Walk.  I am walking from York, being my home city, to Walt Disney World.  I am measuring it “as the crow flies” which is a grand total of 6,882 km (4,301 miles, approx) and that is quite far enough, thank you.  But, I am plotting it on a map too.  I walked from York to Clifden on the east coast of Ireland, I can’t remember how far that was, and then I got directions from Google from Mary’s Harbour, NL, Canada to Animal Kingdom (because that is the park we always visit first).  I chose Mary’s Harbour because it was kind of a straight line from Clifden to there on the map.  The distance from Mary’s Harbour to Animal Kingdom is 4,334 km so I started plotting my route and distance travelled in North America once I’d walked 2,548 km.

Anyway, since my last update in January I have walked another 700.07 km giving a total of 5,775.84 km completed and 1,106.16 km to go.  I have now completed 3,227.84 km in North America and have now left Jersey City, passed through Newark, NJ, gone around Philadelphia, PA on my way to Baltimore, MD.  I then went through Washington DC, I should have stopped to have a look around, to Richmond, VA.  I am now in North Carolina heading towards either Durham or Raleigh.

OK, that’s it.  I’ll try to give a better update next time and maybe find out some information about the places I’ve “walked” through.