I popped on to WordPress this morning to read a blog and saw a notification:

 I have 100 followers!  How’d that happen?  I’m not that interesting really.  Why do I have 100 followers?  Do they really read what I write or am I just one of hundreds of blogs which clutter up their feed?  Probably the latter.

Sure, I’ve been blogging for over 4 years and events like Zero to Hero and NaBloPoMo have definitely helped to increase my profile and direct some more readers my way but still, 100 people following my little mutterings, rants and musings!?!  OK, OK I know I’m repeating myself but I can’t believe it.

OK, I’ll stop now.  No wait, one more:


I have 100 followers!  Really?  Why?!?!

OK, really done now 😀


8 thoughts on “100 Followers!

  1. Ice_Badger

    woohooooo 🙂

    this is awesome!

    I completely understand your shock…not about your followers…your blog is interesting so I can understand that…

    I am shocked at how many followers I seem to have…

    I can’t quite believe that there are 164 people out there interested in my exercises!!

    mind you…according to the stats out of that 164 only about 12 read it per day on average…

    anyway…yeay…you should have more followers 🙂

    1. fisefton Post author

      I know what you mean about so few actually reading your posts. Maybe most of our followers just read the little snippet that comes up in the Reader? You’ll always know if I’ve read yours fully because I only “like” or comment on posts I’ve read.

      Your blog is interesting because it isn’t just about your exercises it’s about your journey to be fit for dancing.

      1. Ice_Badger

        😀 I do try to make it interesting 🙂
        I always tend to like the posts I have read too…although it doesn’t always work as wordpress sometimes ignores me when I use my phone or my ipad…

        I have a feeling that at least some of the “people” who follow my blog are spambots…there used to be a few likes as soon as I had posted, within seconds and it didn’t register as anyone having read it which leads me to believe they were not real people…this seems to have stopped now though 🙂

  2. nancytex2013

    Congrats to you! Yippee!! 😀

    I agree with Sam’s comment above. It’s amazing that anyone ever finds, reads and follows any of us, given the 40 kajillion blogs out there. 🙂

    If there’s one piece of advice I’d give a blogger looking to increase not only their # of followers but (more importantly) their # of engaged readers (by way of comments, etc) it would be to understand that blogging is a community sport, a two-way dialogue. If we all just wrote stuff and didn’t bother taking the time to read and post meaningful comments on others bloggers’ posts…well, blog land would be filled with a huge number of blogs that may (on the surface) appear to have hundreds, thousands or even 10’s of thousands of readers (followers) but in reality are read by no one.

    Do you ever find it curious when you land on a blog with 800, 1,200 or 3,400 followers, and yet you’ll look at individual posts and see like 4 comments?

    I’m not super interested in tons of followers if those followers don’t ever actually read my posts. I’m also not a blogger who does the automatic “follow back” as soon as someone follows me. For me to follow someone, there has to be two things in play:

    1. I need to have genuine interest in their subject matter (although this can be a sliding scale…not everyone I read is super riveting to me)
    2. It has to be a two-way dialogue. If it’s one-sided (i.e. I am reading and commenting on every single post they make, but I hear from them on my blog once, and then never again… guess what, I’m hitting the unfollow button.

    Likes are also a bad indicator of an engaged audience. I have people who “like” every single post I publish and yet have never made a single comment. Who are these people? Clearly they don’t “like” my post THAT much if they have zero to say about it.

    So.. long winded comment, but as someone who has finally amassed a good # of readers, those who are actually engaged, and participating in a dialogue with me, I thought I’d share some of my observations.

    Good luck!

    1. fisefton Post author

      Thanks for commenting.

      I’m not particularly bothered about getting followers, it’s nice but not a reason for writing my blog. I agree with you about who I decide to follow. I have to like a few posts of someone’s blog in order to follow it.

      I don’t always comment on every post I like because I only “like” a post if I’ve actually read it and do like it. So please don’t get annoyed with me if I don’t comment every time I like one of your posts. Sometimes I just can’t think of anything to say.

      I don’t automatically follow back either.

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