Sub-30 5K Will Be Possible…

One day.  Not today but I will get there.

My son and I have been running at parkrun since August last year.  I ran my first parkrun 5K on 10 August 2013 in a time of 33:15 which was my fastest 5K time to that date.  Prior to last August, my fastest 5K was approximately 35 minutes so I was chuffed at breaking 35 minutes for the first time.  A few weeks later, I took my son to parkrun for the first time.  We finished in 42:58, running all the way.  The following week, we started running intervals of 1:1 (run:walk) and completed 5K in 39:52.  We kept getting faster until week 7 when we finished in 34:09.  We went a bit backwards for a couple of weeks as we increased the run interval to a time which needed to be run at a slower pace.  When that happens, we keep the same run interval for a few weeks until we can run the new interval at the same pace as previous intervals and, therefore, get a PB for my son.  We increase the run interval each time my son gets a PB, unless he hasn’t run for a while.  If he’s been away for more than a week or two, we may go back to a shorter run interval.  At the moment we are running intervals of 3m 30s.

Anyway, I digress.  After my first run, I ran on my own again when my son wanted to spend the morning with my husband on 21 December.  I ran another PB – 31:58.  Under 32 minutes, great!

A couple of weeks ago, my son ran a PB of 32:28 and the following week was only 20s slower with an increased run interval.  It won’t be long before we both get a PB in the same week.

Today, my son wanted to stay home and spend the morning with my husband again so I went to parkrun on my own.  I ran all the way round a 5K for the first time since before Christmas (apart from the Disney 5K which was so slow, it doesn’t count) and got another PB.  This PB is the reason why I now believe that a sub-30 minute 5K really is within my reach.  Today’s 5K was completed in 30:49, over 1 minute faster!

I’ll be back running with my son again next week but the 30 minute barrier is going to be broken at some point, by both of us.


5 thoughts on “Sub-30 5K Will Be Possible…

  1. nancytex2013

    Go you! A sub 30 min 5k is a personal goal for me too. At 33:39 it feels a long ways away for me yet. And training for an upcoming 10k is not helping as I’m working on building distance, not speed. Cant wait to hear about you crushing that 30 min 5k!

    1. fisefton Post author

      Breaking 31 minutes has taken a long time. I’ve been running, kind of, since I entered my first 10K in 2009 to raise money for charity and had been trying to get under 35 minutes until last year when I smashed that one. I’ve got faster since I have been training with my son – he runs once a week at parkrun – and we have concentrated on increasing his running interval by 30s when he gets a PB. When we increase the run interval the pace drops so the following week is slower until he is used to running for longer and then the pace increases.

      33:39 is a great time. Good luck for your 10K. My son is going to run the York 10K with me this year to raise money for the charity which has supported, and is still supporting, him for the past 9 years, and I’m looking forward to running through York with him.

  2. Debz

    Congrats! I did my first ever park run last week and managed a credible 33.29. I’m also aiming at sub 30 eventually. I am running in the Mothers Day classic next month with my daughter and her boyfriend so I hope I can continue improving in the meantime. I enjoy running intervals. Keep up the good work, you’ll get there I’m sure!

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