Journal Jar 1: Family Traditions

I’ve decided to start my Journal Jar posts.  I was going to start these back in January but I got distracted with the Zero to Hero and NaBloPoMo challenges.  Then I went on holiday in February and it’s taken me nearly a month to get myself back on track.  Anyway, I’m here now and hope to post a Journal Jar entry once or twice a week.  This week’s Journal Jar prompt is:

Tell about family traditions: Christmas, birthdays, graduations, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, weddings.

Hmm, well we don’t have Fourth of July or Thanksgiving here in the UK so I don’t have to write about those.  We don’t actually graduate from school the same way as they do in the USA and I was the first person in my family to graduate from university.  As a mature student, we didn’t really celebrate – I went to the Minster and got my certificate, wearing a cap and gown, and then went out for lunch with my husband and parents.  We don’t really celebrate Halloween either.

The beginning of our marriage

The beginning of our marriage



So, weddings – nothing exciting there although I wish I’d started a new tradition of eloping to a Caribbean island or Disney World.  I’d have loved to have got married at Disney World with just my husband.  Unfortunately, I felt guilty about not involving our immediate family, some of whom couldn’t travel, so I had a small (50 guests) wedding and reception.




Birthdays – we don’t do anything exciting for birthdays either although I think we may have started a tradition of going to a Disney Park for special birthdays.  I went to Disney World for my 40th birthday (my step-daughter came too as it was her 25th birthday the same week).  We then took my son to Disneyland Paris for his 18th birthday.  I’d like to take him to a Disney resort for his 21st too.  I’m also hoping to plan a Disney trip for my husband’s 60th.

Christmas – we don’t have many traditions except one which everyone else thinks is horrible.  We don’t open Christmas presents until we’ve had breakfast, got dressed and are ready for the day.  Oh, and I also have to have the turkey in the oven.  This one was started by my parents and I brought it with me when I married my husband.  The children are allowed to open their stockings from Father Christmas when they wake up to keep them going until family present time.