101 in 1001 Challenge – March 2013 update

I have 6 months left to complete my 101 tasks.  I’m not going to make all of them but I should be able to make most of them.

I have now completed 5,526.45 km of my virtual walk from York to Walt Disney World (total distance 6,882 km).  I’m going to have to pick up my walking/running if I’m going to make it in the next 6 months.

I’ve also completed 420.89 km of my 1001 km challenge.

I took part in the Royal Family 5K during the Princess Half Marathon weekend on 21 February 2014.  It was brilliant!  We didn’t get a very fast time, in fact it was really slow compared to what we had been doing – about 42 minutes – as when I put the entry in my son had never run so I selected a slow finish time for him.  As a consequence, we started in the “walkers” corral.  On the plus side, we ran the whole way instead of our usual intervals 😀

I have now written over 400 posts for my blog 🙂  Next goal? 500 posts.


5 thoughts on “101 in 1001 Challenge – March 2013 update

  1. David

    Glad to hear from someone who has kept with the 101 in 1001 and blogging about it for so long! I’m in month 3 of my own journey.

    1. fisefton Post author

      I found the 101 challenge quite easy to begin with but after 3 years I’m now finding it quite hard to keep going. I also found it hard to think of 101 things to do. I want to do another 101 list when I finish this one but make it more sensible.

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