Share Your World – 2014 Week 7

share-your-world2  2014: Week 7

What is your favorite couch potato activity: readings, watching movies, watching sports, napping, anything on TV, computer games, play cards, or other?

Reading, watching tv, watching DVDs

What is your favorite toppings on pizza?

Cheese!  Four cheese pizza please 🙂  That’s it, just cheese.  I like ham too but nothing else.

What is favorite genre of movie or book?

I have to choose just one?  For movies it has to be Disney.  I also enjoy teen, romance, drama, adventure, sci-fi, some thriller…  in fact it’s probably easier to say what I don’t like – horror!  For books, I like crime/thriller and romance.

Do you prefer eating the frosting of the cake first?

It depends on the cake and the frosting.  If it’s a cupcake then the icing goes first but if it is a large cake and the icing can easily be separated from the cake then I eat the cake first and the icing last.


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