If You Can, Donate Blood

If you could persuade people to do one thing right now, what would it be?

Lydia at Literarylydi wrote about her first experience of donating blood earlier this year and I have also written about the subject for World Blood Donor Day.

My stepdaughter would not be here if not for those who are brave and generous enough to give up their time and blood on a regular basis.  I have been a blood donor since I was 19 and have tried to give regularly over the past 23 years.  Obviously, I had to have a break when I was pregnant and until my son was a year old.  After that, I took him with me and tried to donate at least once a year.

Last year, I got my silver award for 25 donations.  I know, it took a while but I travelled to Africa a few times and couldn’t donate for 6 months or something after returning.  You also weren’t allowed to donate as frequently as you can now when I started donating.  I have been a regular donor, at least 3 times a year, for the past 4 or 5 years so my next award shouldn’t take as long to reach.

How many of us would consent to receiving blood if it would save our lives or the lives of our loved ones?  Don’t you think you should give in order to receive?  I know that some people are not allowed to donate due to illness, lifestyle, working overseas etc but if the only reason not to donate is because you are scared, please go and try.  The Donor Carers at the donor sessions are amazing and will put you at ease.  They won’t push you to donate if you don’t feel ready and they will explain everything to you.

Oh, don’t tell anyone, one of the main reasons I go to give blood is for the chocolate biscuit I get when I’m done 🙂


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