I Increased My Son’s Running Intervals…

… and I didn’t tell him until we’d finished the parkrun.

Does that make me a horrible mother?  I mean, he didn’t notice that we were running for an extra 30 seconds and I did slow the pace down so that we were running an average of 7:08/km.  The last time we ran, 2 weeks ago, the average pace was 7:04/km and that was with a 2:30 run : 1:00 walk.  I told him afterwards that he’d been running for 3 minutes and he was very happy with himself, especially since he’d been able to continue talking about Disney and our upcoming trip all the way round.

I’ve told him that next week we’ll be increasing the pace but keeping the intervals the same.


2 thoughts on “I Increased My Son’s Running Intervals…

    1. fisefton Post author

      I have to be sneaky. If I told him he’d have found it too hard! When dealing with a learning disability, you have to choose your battles very wisely and trying to persuade him to run for an extra 30 seconds on each interval is a very hard battle. It is easier to encourage him to keep running if he finds it hard but doesn’t know why than to encourage him when he knows it’s going to be harder. Talking about Disney is a great distraction too – if he can still talk then he can keep running.

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