Not here, not now


Do you think it’s possible to control your temper when facing enormous pressure?

The quick, short answer is “yes”.  I can control my temper when facing enormous pressure.

The longer answer?  Whether or not I lose my temper depends a lot on where I am, who I’m with, what the situation is…  Much as I would like to shout and scream at tele-sales people who phone me and start their sales script as soon as I confirm I am who they think they are calling, without asking if it is a good time to talk to me, I usually keep calm.  If they won’t listen to me when I say I’m not interested I just hang up.  Then shout and scream and swear.  If I am at work or in a public place, I’ll walk away from a situation before I lose my temper and come back when I’ve calmed down.