I have my limits

Do you have a bad temper? How often do you lose your temper?

Sure, I have a bad temper.  Who doesn’t?  You can’t be all sweetness and light all the time.

It used to take a lot to get me riled up.  Now?  I have quite a short fuse for some things and a really long one for others.  If I blow up quickly, I’ll cool down quickly too.  If I’ve been simmering for a while, once I blow you’d better stay out of my way.

One thing that really bugs me and can make me lose my temper is phone calls from call centres.  Especially when the person calling from the call centre doesn’t actually listen to what I say and are determined to carry on with their script.  If I say I’m not interested in saving money, then I’m not interested in saving money.  Well, not with your product or help anyway.

One occasion which really wound me up was when I had a phone call from a SEO, marketing company, wanting to sell me a 1 page website to link to my current website to get more customers.  I explained that I don’t want any more customers as I work part-time and my business is merely an add-on and I don’t actively promote it, by choice.
The caller then asked if I wouldn’t like to get more customers so I could leave my employment.  No, I would not like more customers.  I really my job and don’t want to leave it.
We can get you more enquiries, he says.  Did you not listen to what I said?
Being a very determined salesman he says something else to try to persuade me to buy the 1 page website to get more business.
Finally, I say, very strongly, that I really don’t have time for this phone call and I’m not actually at the office or at home.  To which he replies, and I quote, “Don’t get your knickers in a twist!”  What?  My knickers aren’t in a twist, you’re just not listening to me because you have some target or other to reach and won’t take my reasonable explanation for an answer!

I’m afraid I also lose my temper with my son sometimes too.  There is only so long that I can listen to the same question/topic over and over again, especially when my son communicates using as few words as possible, he’s very lazy about using full sentences.  It’s usually one or two words and … fill in the blank and guess what he’s talking about.  I can keep my patience, and temper, most of the time but not if I’m driving and trying to concentrate on the traffic rather than him.  It’s usually a short “What am I doing?  What is out there?”  The Boy is very good though once the obvious has been pointed out.  He’ll be quiet until I feel comfortable holding a conversation again.