I Can Handle It

Pressure, that is.  Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt asks:

Do you think you handle pressure well, or do you usually fall apart?

When I am under pressure I handle it well and get through it without falling apart.  I’d make a very good swan or duck, gliding calmly along on the surface with my feet paddling quickly to keep up.

I think the reason that I do work well under pressure is that I am organised.  You may not realise it from the mess of my desk but I know where everything is and I know when everything is due.  If I have time to do what is due tomorrow or next week, I will do it now.  At least if it’s done and something urgent comes in I won’t need to choose or decide which one is more important.  I also have excellent time management skills and a routine which I stick to wherever possible, it can be changed but it is easier to fit things in if I can slot them in to an established routine.