Dare to be Different?

Sure, why not?

Another NaBloPoMo prompt:

Tell us about a time when you didn’t bend to peer pressure, and you swam against the stream.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s NaBloPoMo post, I bent to peer pressure and tried smoking when I was very young, it was when I was living in Malawi and since I left there when I was 10…

Anyway, having bent to peer pressure at such a young age and realising that I didn’t want to smoke just because my peers were doing it I felt much more confident about resisting the peer pressure as I got older.  I didn’t try smoking again, I knew I didn’t like it so why force myself to do something I didn’t like?  I don’t drink alcohol, again I don’t like the taste.  I’ve had people say that there is a drink out there that I would like and I’m sure they’re right but I’m happy to be tee-total so let’s not force the issue.

I also don’t drink tea or coffee, my mum and sister don’t either so I’m not a rarity in our house.  My mum made the decision when she was young that she wouldn’t force herself to drink tea, or coffee, just because it was the social thing to do.  My grandma told me that when she started drinking tea she didn’t really like it but because it was polite she learned to like it, my mum didn’t want to learn to like it.  My mum was asking for a glass of water instead of tea or coffee back in the 60s and 70s so I just followed her example.  I have tried tea and coffee but don’t like the taste.

So, I don’t drink alcohol, smoke or drink tea/coffee, people have asked me how I get through the day.  Easy, chocolate! Oh, and diet coke… and cake… and biscuits…