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Even though I have completed the parkrun every week for the past 11 weeks, I don’t feel like I’ve been running which is silly because the fastest time which my son and I have done is only about 1 minute slower than my fastest ever 5k.

Anyway, I went for a run with my husband yesterday, I say a run it wasn’t really as he runs for 1 minute and then walks for 2.  Still, slow and steady and he has decreased his walk time down from 4 minutes at the end of September to 2 minutes now.  It was, however, slow as he has been running in a nice warm climate for the past 6 weeks and his calves wouldn’t warm up so they hurt.  He managed 2 km before he decided to give up at 22 minutes.

I went on to do an extra lap of the service road inside York Racecourse.  It is just over 3 km for a lap and I wanted to see if I could run all of it.  As I had the intervals set on my watch for 1 minute run and 2 minute walk, I kept to those but instead of walking I eased the pace back to a gentle jog from a reasonable fast jog, for me.  I finished the 5.25 km in 37:50 which means I ran 3 km in 15:50 😀


3 thoughts on “Back to Running

      1. Ice_Badger

        that is really good 🙂 it is important to do things like that too and not only to help others 😀

        mind you it goes to show that even though you have been running to improve someone else’s distance/time, the training has helped you too 😀

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