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OK, I know this is late and for that I apologise. I would have written and posted this last night except I didn’t get in until 11.30 pm following a 50th surprise birthday party for a friend. His wife and children had arranged a ceilidh and invited all of their friends. It was so much fun! It’s years since I danced the Flying Scotsman, the Gay Gordons, Spin the Willow etc. I loved it and my husband and son even had a go with much hilarity. I wish I had photos but as I danced most of the dances, I couldn’t take photos and dance at the same time.

The band was really good too and I think k the band leader got nearly everyone on the dance floor at some point.

This is the blog for day 16 of NaBloPoMo. I’ll hopefully post again later for day 17.


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