I had an idea …

… And then I forgot it.

I had a great blog idea earlier today and now that I come it sit down and write it I’ve forgotten what it was. Does this happen to anyone else? How do you overcome it? Do you make notes on your smartphone, if you have one? Do you have a notebook and pen which you carry round with you?

I have some other ideas but I want to use them later this week. One of them is a blog about the Be-Ro book and another about the bookkeepers’ conference later this week.


3 thoughts on “I had an idea …

  1. Ice_Badger

    This happens to me all the time!

    I haven’t figured out how to overcome it yet…
    Although I do have a list of blog post ideas on my ipad, which I mostly ignore!

    (I am aware this is not that helpful…)

    1. fisefton Post author

      Thanks. I asked for ideas, whether they are helpful or not. I used to keep notes in my diary or on my phone, whichever was most handy at the time. The problem is that if I don’t have anything to write about a topic at a particular time, it doesn’t matter if I have the ideas if I can’t think of anything to write.

      Hmm, I think I just said the same thing twice in one sentence and it doesn’t look right. My brain can’t work out how to put it better though at this moment in time 😐

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