Baking and Cooking Day

I have a very busy week coming up. My parents are coming to visit tomorrow and Tuesday, the charity I work for is having a sale at St Crux (church hall in York at the bottom of the Shambles), which I will be helping out at but we also need cakes to sell, I am in London for a conference on Thursday (travelling down Wednesday evening), then I am back at work on Friday and Saturday. Oh, I have a meeting at school tomorrow too.

So, with all that going on this week, when was I supposed to fit in cake baking? The answer, today! I have a new oven. It’s a fan oven. I’ve never baked in a fan oven before, well I did on Friday just as a test but apart from that, never. Anyway, I have my temperature guide for fan ovens and am reducing the times by a third and then checking every so often. So far, the times aren’t reducing as much as I thought they would.

I made lemon muffins this morning.


I am also making teabread. It’s my grandmother’s recipe and you have to leave the fruit and sugar to soak in the tea for at least 4 hours so I did that this morning too.


While I was waiting for the fruit to soak, I made some carrot, orange and ginger soup.

Finally, it was time to finish the teabread mixture by adding self raising flour and an egg before putting in the oven.


I’m still waiting for it to cook as it is taking longer than I expected and longer than my old gas oven. I think I will try a slightly higher temperature next time.