10 Parkruns and a Prize

This isn’t about me, it’s about my son. As you will know, if you’ve read my blog before, my family and I love Disney and I run to raise money for charity. Well, when we were planning our next trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth” I noticed that the run Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend would fall either on our middle weekend or our last weekend, depending when we decided to go. That clinched the timing, it is now our middle weekend. I was hoping to be able to enter the half marathon, and maybe the 10k so I could get the challenge medal, but they were fully booked by the time I was able to apply 😦 Oh well, what’s the next best thing? Running the Royal Family 5k with the 2 men in my life. Hmm, now I needed to get my son to actually train for this run… The answer, parkrun 🙂

I did my first parkrun with a friend of mine before she got married in the Summer and enjoyed it so much that I signed my son up to go with me on 31 August. He has gone from strength to strength with it. We ran the first one just so I could see if he could run 5 km as we walk 5 km on a regular basis, especially in the Summer. He finished in a time of 41:52, not bad for a first run. The following week, I decided that it would probably be better if we ran in intervals so started off at 1 minute run to 1 minute walk. We have finished in a faster time each week, until last week when we finished in 39:19 due to arriving about 3 minutes late, oops! Our fastest time is 33:53 which is only 30 seconds slower than my PB.

Today was run number 10 for my son and he finished 1 second outside his best. We are now on 2:30 run and 1 walk. My son is still finding the run interval quite hard so we’ll keep it at that until he gets another PB then increase the run to 3 minutes. I am aiming for us to finish the Disney 5k in under 30 minutes, we have 3 months so I think it is do-able.

Parkrun Results:
Run Date Time PB?
09/11/2013 33:55
02/11/2013 39:19
26/10/2013 33:54. PB
19/10/2013 34:10 PB
05/10/2013 34:37 PB
28/09/2013 36:35 PB
21/09/2013 37:06 PB
14/09/2013 38:46 PB
07/09/2013 39:13 PB
31/08/2013 41:52

Now, you will have noticed in my title that I mentioned a prize. Again, this isn’t my prize, it’s my son’s. Every month each parkrun chooses someone to receive a Sweatshop voucher for a new pair of running shoes.

An example of this is the Sweatshop Monthly Shoe Prize. Hugh Brasher’s Sweatshop provides a pair of shoes to each event in the UK every month as a reward for exceptional achievement. We’re not talking about breaking world records although if that did happen we would have to consider it as exceptional. No, this prize is focused on the grassroots athlete, perseverance and personal achievement. So at each event director’s discretion, a winner is chosen each month.

My son was the monthly winner for November. I’m so proud of him. He has obviously made an impression with his determination to improve. Running doesn’t come easily to him as, due to his disability, his feet don’t strike the ground in the same way as most people.

My son after a sunny parkrun in October.


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