New Kitchen: Part 3

So, the kitchen is nearly finished but it’ll be a couple of weeks until we can get the finishing touches done.  The kitchen fitter found some damage on the splash-back which was supposed to be going behind the hob as well as some damage to one of the wall cupboards so he has ordered new ones.  It’ll take a couple of weeks for them to arrive.

The electrician and plasterer have finished so I do, finally, have an oven and hob to use.  I’m so glad I can now cook.

We need to arrange for a decorator to come in and paint the walls.  That won’t be done until after the kitchen fitters have been back as they promised that they would strip the wallpaper off the walls for me and they haven’t done that yet.

My husband and I also have to decide what we are going to do about the floor.  We’ll decide that in a couple of weeks as I am not available to go looking at flooring next week.  I want to wait until everything else is done before we put the flooring down though, so that’s fine.

Now all I need to do is put everything that I took out back in.  It may take a while as I now have more cupboard space but don’t want to put stuff in the one that they are going to replace as I will only have to take it out again.

All in all, I am loving my new kitchen 😀

The photos were taken before the electrician came to finish off the connection of the cooker and finish the sockets, hence the wires on top of the cupboard and holes in the walls.

WP_20131105_001 WP_20131105_002 WP_20131105_003


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