Where do you write your blog posts?

Another prompt from BlogHer’s November 2013 list.

Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

Most of my blog posts are written at my desk on my desktop computer.  It looks quite messy but that’s because I have household work and my own business work on it.  The area directly in front of my computer screen is, usually, clear of everything except what needs to be done “today”.  Sometimes though the pile gets quite high.  If I can’t see the computer screen, I have to do the filing/scanning/work!

We have a very small office, it was our dining room but we needed the desk space more than we needed the dining room table.  In the office there is one desktop computers (mine, no one else touches it!) and two laptops (my husband’s and my son’s) as well as a printer.  Apart from that there are files, books, magazines (mainly my husband’s – who thought that being a driving instructor would produce so much reading material?)  As an administrator/bookkeeper I get all the fun files/books – finance and household receipts etc!

If I think of a post but have turned off my computer for the day I’ll either use my iPad, first choice, or my phone.  I’ll then check it next time I’m on my computer and, if necessary, edit it.