Malteser Brownies

Malteser Brownie

Malteser Brownie

Another new recipe to add to my list and this one is amazing!  I found a link to this recipe on another blog I follow, thanks Buon Cibo, and had to follow Jessie Cakes too.

I’m not sure how to describe them except that they taste gorgeous.  The maltesers add a little extra chocolate and chewy goodness.  There was a little bit of trial and error on my part as I melted the butter and chocolate in the microwave, it works I’ve done that for years.  Unfortunately, my oven is a little bit temperamental so I had to cook them for quite a bit longer than 17-20 minutes :/  I’m getting a new oven soon so hopefully it’ll work better then.

If you want to try the recipe and see some better pictures you can find it on Jessie’s blog for Malteser Brownies

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