Do You Need Driving Glasses?

This was prompted by a blog: Do You Need Driving Glasses?  There are a number of good points in the article but I thought I’d share my experience and the fact that I wear glasses even though, technically, I don’t have to.

Image courtesy of Gualberto107/

Image courtesy of Gualberto107/

Have you had an eye test in the past 2 years?  I have.  My son gets his eyes tested every year and every other year I book an appointment for me as well.  We really don’t have any excuse for not getting an eye test, after all, many opticians will offer free or cheap sight tests and there are often deals such as buy one get one free on glasses too so you can get a clear pair and a pair of sunglasses.

Now, I don’t actually need glasses for anything as I have perfect vision in one eye and only a 0.25 difference in the other (I can’t remember whether it is a + or -).  Opticians don’t tend to prescribe glasses for anything less than a 0.5 difference.  However I started wearing glasses when I was 11 as the muscles around the eyes were weak and gave me headaches.  My vision, and muscle strength, steadily improved until I was told, at the age of 29, that I no longer needed glasses, woohoo!  Not really, I went back to the optician after 6 months and said I wanted them back for computer work as the strain and extra work for the eye muscles due to the glare off the screen gave me a headache.

I also wear them when I am driving on a long journey and know that my eyes are going to work harder and longer than usual.  In the past few years, I have also started wearing glasses for night driving too as the anti-glare coating I have for the computer also works very well at reducing the glare of headlights and helps me to see the difference between the rear lights and brake lights when they are clustered close together.

There are a number of things to think about when choosing glasses for driving e.g. the size of the frame, the thickness of the arms, the thickness of the frame, do you have good peripheral vision? Can you see down to the dashboard and back up to the road easily?  Think about the blind spots.