Phones don’t swim

I know my phone doesn’t like to be in my back pocket so why do I keep putting it in there?  To be fair to me, on this occasion I had no choice as the back pocket was all I had as I was wearing my running leggings and the only pocket is a zip one in the back.  However, I should have remembered to zip it closed before I went to the toilet.  My phone decided that it liked the look of the water and dived in :/  Not a good idea.  The phone didn’t like it and is now at the phone hospital being dried out.

Fortunately, I added the insurance to my phone contract so I didn’t have to go through the hassle of trying to get a new phone via my home insurance provider, I have accidental damage cover that would have covered it, I could just go into the phone shop and ask them to deal with it.  They gave me a sim card (my mobile has a micro-sim) to put in my spare, very basic phone (it only calls and texts), and sent my phone away to be repaired.  How am I going to survive without my phone?  My whole life is on it: contact details, calendar, emails…

I will manage after all, my contacts are all backed up on to Outlook on my computer, as is my calendar.  I’ve also never left my paper calendar behind either so I have a back-up in case my computer crashes.  The biggest inconvenience is entering the phone numbers of my regular contacts on to my spare as the spare doesn’t sync with the computer.  I’ve only had a smartphone for about 5 years, when I did I become so reliant on it?  Maybe the next 2 weeks will be good for me.  I can go back to basics and not get distracted by Facebook or Twitter on my phone.

How about you, is your life on your phone or haven’t you succumbed to the technology that is smartphones yet?


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    I wrote this on my personal blog but thought it would fit here too. My phone fell down the toilet and got water-logged so wouldn’t turn on. With so many of us relying on our phones to keep us up to date with emails, calendar and a wide range of apps to make our lives easier it served as a reminder that I should, and do, keep a back-up of important contacts and to keep a paper diary. How about you, do you have a back -up plan in case something happens to your phone?

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