Soup and Cauliflower Cheese

We get a vegetable bag delivered to our door every week full of lovely organic veg.  We only get the small bag and when there are three of us at home I can just about manage to get through it all.  However, sometimes we get a lot of the wrong vegetables, stuff that I don’t like so don’t really know what to do with like cauliflower and onions.  Oh and we get loads of carrots, there’s only so much carrot cake/carrot muffins I can make!

This week the delivery man said “I put an extra cauliflower in for you”.  “Great!” I reply, “Couldn’t you have done that last week when the Man was here, he loves cauliflower and I really don’t like it.”
“Make cauliflower cheese,” he said helpfully.
Hmm, I’ve never made that as the cheese sauce it is high in calories but if I do, I can put it in the freezer for the Man to have it when he comes home.

So, yesterday I got my big pan out and made a pint of cheese sauce.  I used 2/3 of it for cauliflower cheese and 1/3 for a pasta bake (with cauliflower in it) for the Boy.  That’s all of the cauliflower used up.  Whoop!

Whilst I was in the kitchen, I thought I might as well use up the onions too.  Here we go with another new recipe, 2 in one day what’s happening?  Onion soup, how do I make that?  Out came the cook books: Good Housekeeping (always a good starting point), Sam Stern’s Cooking up a Storm and Annabel Karmel’s Quick Children’s Meals to see which recipe was easiest, and which ingredients I had in the house.  The only thing I had to buy was a very small bottle of wine as I don’t drink so never have wine in the house.

I don’t know what the cauliflower cheese it like but the onion soup apparently tastes great.  The Boy asked if he could taste it when he’d finished his dinner and ended up eating one of the pots which I was going to put in the freezer.  He would have had the other (double the size) one as well if I’d let him but I thought that over 1l of onion soup would be too much for anyone.

Another 2 recipes to knock off my 101 in 1001 task #45, only another 24 to go!  Next up, I’m going to make carrot and coriander soup.  I hope the Good Housekeeping cookbook has a recipe for it otherwise I’ll be doing a search on the internet… BBC Good Food is a useful website, I think I’ll look there too.


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