I did a Park Run!

I’ve wanted to take part in Park Run for a couple of years but as they are on a Saturday morning it is hard for me to get to.  You see, during term time I work on a Saturday morning at 10 am which means that I can’t fit in the Park Run before I go to work.  Anyway, my friend (the one I ran the 10 k with) got married on Sunday and as a pre-wedding activity she was trying to get as many people as possible to come and run the Park Run with her on Saturday morning.  Of course I will, after all it is school holidays so no work on Saturday and I can get to the Knavesmire for the 9 am start.  I was looking forward to it as I wanted to get a, kind of, official time for my 5 k as the last one I did was the Race for Life when I had to time myself and I had gone faster in training for the 10 k.

As I was getting ready to leave home on Saturday morning, my friend sent me a text are the Man and Boy coming down to support us?  Why? I asked.  We need a photographer.  Oh, the Boy has only just got out of bed and the Man isn’t dressed yet even though he’s been up for hours!  Can the Man and Boy be ready to leave the house in under 10 minutes?  If I make up a cup of tea for the Boy in his thermos mug, you betcha.  We made it to the start line in time for the 9 am start, just.

My friend came running up and gave me one of the Hen Party sashes for me to wear.  Do you know how hard it is to keep it from slipping while running?  I ended up stuffing the end of it into my bra strap.

I know my friend wanted to get as many people as possible down and have them running in sashes but in the end there were 4 of us and one of them was her brother so he didn’t wear a sash.  I really think he should have, I’m sure pink would have suited him.  Anyway, as my friend had another friend who she was going to support on the way round, she gave me permission to go off and see what time I could do.  I agreed and said I’d come back when I’d finished so that we could all run towards the finish together for a photo.

I kept a good pace, 7 min/km and felt good.  I liked the course, well, I know it as I use the inner track of the Knavesmire for my running anyway as it is close to home and the track is around 3 km for one circuit.  One thing I did notice on Saturday which I’d never noticed before was that there are km markings on the ground as well as a 0 km mark for the start of the Park Run 5 km.  How great is that?

I finished in a new PB of 33:15!  My previous best was around 35 or 36 minutes.

I really enjoyed the Park Run and am planning on going back on any Saturday that I don’t have to be at work.  I’ve helped my son to sign up and, if he is up in time, we are going to go and run on Saturday.  It’ll be slower than last week as my Boy has never run 5 km before, I don’t think he’s ever run further than 200m before, but he walks the 5 km from home to where I work on a regular basis so the distance will be OK, we just have to get the pace right.


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