Virtual Walk – July 2013 Update

It’s been a while since my last update on my virtual walk from home to Walt Disney World but I’ve still been plodding along.  I have now completed (to 31 July 2013) 4,101.93 km and have 2,780.07 km to go.  With 415 days left of my 1001 days I have to average 6.7 km per day, do-able since I have averaged 7 km per day so far (4102/586).

Back in January, I decided to see how far it was from St Mary’s Harbour, NS, Canada to Disney World as it is a point which is almost straight across the Atlantic from the UK and Ireland so that I could map out a route for walking.  After all, trying to map a route across the Atlantic to Florida would be really boring.  The distance from St Mary’s Harbour to Animal Kingdom is approximately 4,334 km as a walking route on Google Maps, at least it was when I originally checked it back in January it comes up with something different each time I try to check it now.

So, using my original calculation of when I should have arrived in Canada, I have now completed 1,554 km since arriving across the pond.  In my last update, I was on the Trans-Canada highway at Port Hastings.  Since then I have been through New Glasgow, Memramcook (great name!), Moncton and Jemseg (ooh, another great name, right up there with the Wallops in Hampshire and all those lovely village names in Yorkshire), heading towards Fredericton.  I am currently also walking through York County :D.  Only about 100 km from crossing the border into Maine, USA so hopefully I’ll get into the US before the end of August :).