30 Day Challenge – amendment

I started a 30 day exercise challenge on Saturday. The first couple of days were OK, then I looked at the calendar and saw that the 3rd rest day is on Saturday not Sunday this week. I have to do however many reps of squats, push ups and 4 other exercises after a 10k run!?! Then I sat back and thought about it a bit more – maybe it’s better to have a rest day the day before the run rather than on the day of the run. The jury is still out on that one so I’ll make that decision on Sunday.

Anyway, I’m also looking at changing the challenge slightly as I really don’t like increasing the number of reps every day. I don’t want to be able to do 100+ push ups or 250 squats. I am unlikely to stick with it for the full 30 days if I continue with the current plan. I am still working out the details but am thinking of something along the lines of increasing the number of reps/ sets each set of 3 days as the challenge has a rest day on every 4th day eg day 1 = 1 set of 10 reps, day 2 = 12 reps and day 3 = 15 reps. Then for the next set of 3 days do the same reps pattern but do 2 sets so that by the end I am doing 8 sets. Like I say, I haven’t fully decided yet but as long as I do something on each of the days set out in the challenge, I’ll be happy.