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I’ve just discovered word clouds from Tagxedo thank’s to Janet and her blog Janet’s Notebook.  I’ve seen word clouds before and think they look fun and creative.  So, I’ve been distracted by spending productive time creating a few word clouds.  I started off creating word clouds which I thought I could use to represent my business:

I also created word clouds which represent me.  They all have the same words but different shapes:

me-uk-word-cloud.jpg Me - Footprint Word Cloud Me - Africa Word Cloud

The UK is because this is where I live and where I am from; the foot? it’s cute, yes? Africa is for where I spent a lot of my childhood years.

If you would like to know how to create your own word clouds, check out Janet’s blog post 5 Easy Steps to Create Stunning Word Clouds.


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    Isn’t it amazing how easily we can become distracted, especially if you are like me and work from home. I not only get distracted by the usual things like “I’ll just pop into the kitchen to make a drink or grab a quick bite to eat” – how am I not the size of the house with those kind of distractions? I also get distracted by reading blogs, business and personal, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (not so much any more as I only open them once during the working day and set a time limit).

    Anyway, to the point of this blog. One day whilst reading blogs, I came across one about how to create word clouds and, of course, got a little side tracked. Fortunately, I’d finished work but dinner was a little late that night. The attached blog is from my personal blog which I wrote when I finished being distracted by word clouds – they are just so much fun!

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