Running 1,001 km challenge

This is an update for my new challenge to run 1,001 km by my 101 in 1,001 deadline on 19 September 2014.  Fortunately, I was wrong.  Whilst I don’t have records for runs I completed since December 2011 when I started the 101 in 1,001 challenge, I do have records from the end of September 2012 so at least I do have 10 months worth of training runs, right?  Looking at it though, I didn’t do much running between September and April as I was in the pool more than the gym/running.  Oh well, it’s a start.

Here is a breakdown of running to date:

September 2012:  5.96
October 2012:  21.64
November 2012:  3.76
December 2012:  0
January 2013:  9.92
February 2013:  11.33
March 2013:  9.04
April 2013:  11.33
May 2013:  22.25
June 2013:  45.32
July 2013:   49.37 (to 27th July)
Total:  189.92 km

I still have 811.08 km still to go, so I think I’m going to stick with trying to complete 1,001 km before 19 September 2014 rather than 1,001 miles (1,001 miles would be the equivalent to 1,601.6 km).  So, I need to average around 60 km per month to reach my target.  If I find that I am going to make this easily, I’ll increase the distance goal to miles or add a new goal to my 101 in 1,001 list to run 1,001 miles.