Parkin – I finally made it

I don’t know how long I’ve had my great grandmother’s recipe for parkin but I’ve never actually made it.  For this reason, I put it on my 101 in 1,001 list at #48.

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Well, I finally made it.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought although there was a fair bit of guesswork involved as the recipe is so old and, I guess, was adapted by my grandma before the recipe was given to me by my mum about 18 years ago (I think I got it around the time my son was born).  The measurements are in cups, apart from the margarine/lard which is in ounces, but that’s OK as I have a lot of old recipes which use cups rather than weight and I have a couple of sets of measuring cups.  Where I could have come unstuck was the “Boiling water (guess little)”!  I decided to have a look in my Good Housekeeping recipe book to see if they had a recipe for parkin, they do, and see what their ingredients were and the quantities and then guess from there.  The Good Housekeeping recipe was slightly different for the ingredients and method of making and quite a bit different for the quantities but it gave me a good place to start to work out what a “little” amount of boiling water was.  I decided to pour 4 fl oz (100 ml) into a jug and put in a little at a time until I got to what I thought would be the right consistency.  It turns it it is about 3 fl oz (75 ml).  I then had to decide which tin to use – the recipe says a small, lined meat tin and the mixture should be 2″ deep.  Hmm, I don’t think I have a meat or square tin that small.  I know, I’ll use my loaf tin.  It seemed to work 🙂

I have had a little taste.  The result? It’s actually very nice although I think I might put in more ginger next time.


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