Have you travelled far?

I haven’t responded to a Daily Prompt for a while but yesterday’s caught my eye:

Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever travelled from home.

This is actually a harder question for me to answer than you might think.  Why?  Well, do I say that the furthest I’ve ever travelled from home is Australia?  Well, no because we actually lived there so that was home but we did travel back to the UK from Australia on holiday when we changed countries.  So, does that mean that the UK is the furthest I’ve travelled from home?  Like I said, harder to answer than you might think.  What I thought I would do is to use the countries my parents were living in as I was growing up as a starting point and then see how far I travelled to school which, although I spent 8 months of the year there for 9 years wasn’t really home.

Melbourne, Australia to UK – 10,501 miles
Manama, Bahrain to UK – 3,152 miles
Lilongwe, Malawi to UK – 4,961 miles
Gaborone, Botswana to UK – 5,494 miles
Hong Kong to UK – 5,982 miles
Harare, Zimbabwe to UK – 5,146 miles

I have also calculated the distance from the UK to Los Angeles as, although technically I didn’t go there from “home” as I went from school during the Easter holidays and met my parents there I didn’t go home for that holiday so school was my “home” in that instance.

London, UK to Los Angeles, USA – 5,441

Finally, how far have I travelled on holidays?  Well, after we moved back to the UK I have been back to Gaborone (5,494 miles) and Harare (5,146 miles) as well as travelling to:

British Virgin Islands – 4,138 miles
York, UK to Orlando, USA – 4,264 miles

To recap, the furthest I have travelled from home is 10,501 miles when we moved to Australia and then came back to visit family.  The furthest I have been on holiday is 5,494 miles when I went to Botswana.  I have also visited South Africa but as we were living in Zimbabwe at the time it wasn’t very far from home.

I used http://www.freemaptools.com/how-far-is-it-between.htm to calculate the distances, as the crow flies.