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A few years ago, I used iGoogle as my homepage and found an app called Google 15. The idea behind it was to weigh in every day and take an average of the last 15 weigh-ins. This made sense to me and I have used this to monitor my weight loss progress on and off over the years.

Since starting the Fast Diet, I have been recording my weight every day and entering it onto a spreadsheet. Today is 15 days since I started so I thought I’d create a graph to show my actual weight and my moving weight.  Unfortunately, I haven’t worked out how to insert the graph as a picture so have to add it as a link instead: Weight chart

My weight is a little higher than I would have liked but I ate a lot last week on my non-fast days. In fact I’m quite impressed that I have, in effect, maintained for the past week.

My original plan was to fast on days when I am at work, Wednesday and Friday. However, I had another thought yesterday, what if I have a short notice invitation to eat out? Wouldn’t it be better to have at least one fast day under my belt, if I can manage it while working from home? So, I had my first fast day of the week yesterday. It was hard but I kept myself busy and managed it.

On another note, I had a “fast” run session on my 10k training and ran 5k in 34 minutes. I finally ran under 35 minutes! Very chuffed! Next run says 7k fast. Not sure I’ll manage the pace they suggest but I’ll give it a go.


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