The Fast Diet – Week 2

Yes, 2 posts in one day.  Aren’t you lucky!  I needed something to distract me.

Last week I decided to try the Fast Diet (or 5:2 diet if you prefer).  I was going to wait until my husband had gone off for his next work rotation but decided that he could benefit from trying it if he wanted to so we started last week.  In my previous blog, I said that I was going to try it as a 24 hour fast so that we could eat our main meal every evening but when I sat back and thought about it I wasn’t sure it would work quite as well.  I mean, most people follow the diet as a full day meaning that they stop eating at whatever time they stop before they go to bed, let’s assume 8 pm, and then don’t start eating again until breakfast the day after the fasting day, let’s assume 7 am.  This means they actually fast for around 35 hours rather than 24.

The first day, we did a 24 hour fast from 6 pm on Tuesday evening to 6.30 pm on Wednesday evening.  I found it really easy  as I still had my usual breakfast (250 calories) and a snack for lunch (250 calories) before having my usual dinner.  So, for our second fast day, we decided to try the full day on Friday.  As I was at work until 2pm, I found it OK.  I then went on the computer and played games to distract me until it was time to make dinner.  Again, Friday wasn’t too hard.

I had decided that as I work in an office on Wednesday and Friday, they are going to be my fast days.  Unfortunately, this week we have other plans.  We are going out for dinner on Tuesday and we also have plans for Friday.  As I don’t want to fast on a day when I will be going to the gym, Thursday is out as well.  This means that my fasting days are Monday and Wednesday.  Wednesday will be fine, as I’ll be at work until 2pm but Monday?  I’m at home all day!

Yes, today is really hard.  Actually, it wasn’t too bad until my husband came home at around 1.30 pm and said he was hungry.  Until then I was managing very well thank you but not any more, now I’m feeling the hunger and it doesn’t matter how much I try to think of something else or do something else or drink water/diet coke.  Thanks hubby!  Oh well, hopefully the computer games can come to my rescue again.

Just keep thinking about going out for dinner tomorrow and the sundae that I will be allowed to have.