Race for Life 2013

It is over a week since I completed the Race for Life 5k in York so I’m a bit slow in writing about it.  Never mind, I’m here now.

Up until about 2 weeks before the run my training had been going really well and I was confident that I could finally break the 35 minute mark.  Unfortunately, as usual, events conspired against me so I missed out on some training time.  I knew I’d lose some in the week before the run as it was half term but I’d planned to get one run in along with plenty of walking which I did.  It was the couple of weeks before that that I missed some as I came down with a bad cold, it was quite flu but almost, it completely knocked me out for 3 days!  You can read more about that in my previous blog.

Anyway, the run.  It didn’t start until 11 am which after the lovely weather we had on the Saturday I was dreading as, much as I *love* the sunshine and the heat I didn’t want to run in it.  As it turned out it was lovely, not too hot but not too cold either.  We got to the Knavesmire at about 10.30 am and listened to the Minster FM presenter up on stage.  The warm up started at about 10.45 am and I didn’t really do it as I’d already walked from home and was pretty warm anyway.  Also, by the time the run started I’d have cooled down again anyway!  The lady doing the warm up was great and if I’d been with a group of ladies/girls I think I’d have enjoyed it more than being with my husband and son.  When the warm up was finished there was a bit of time left and Rachel said that what she really wanted to do as a warm up was Ganglam Style.  The crew from Minster FM found it for her and she led the crowd in a second warm up with that.  It was hilarious! You can watch it on Minster FM’s facebook page:

After the 2nd warm up it was time to get ready for the run and we were asked to go and gather around the flag which was right for us – run, jog or walk.  I went to the jog flag.  The run started promptly at 11 am and it took me 2 minutes to get across the start line.  I started off at a gentle jog and got to 2 km after 16 minutes (8 min/km) that was OK and I was feeling good so I picked up the pace a little.  I got to 3 km somewhere between 23 and 24 minutes and was still feeling good.  I don’t know the split for 4 km but I finished the 5 km in 36 minutes 44 seconds and felt as though I could have carried on.

I didn’t break the 35 minutes but I did beat my previous best of 37 minutes ?? seconds so I was happy with that.  Also, the fact that I felt good and could have carried on bodes well for the 10 km Run for All at the beginning of August.  I got my pacing right this time with 8 minute kms to start and getting faster.  If I can do that for the 10 km I may even beat my PB for that too although with my PB being 1 hour 13 minutes I’m not sure starting at 8 min/km pace is going to work.  Best get the training in between now and then 😀

I got a medal for finishing the Race for Life and my husband also bought me a limited edition t-shirt showing names of all the participants of the 2013 Race for Life in York.

Race for Life 2013 t-shirt          Race for Life 2013 medal and entry number


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