Race for Life is This Weekend!

Oh boy!  The Race for Life 5k is in York this weekend and I’d like to say I’m ready for it but I most definitely am not.  Preparation was going really well and then I had a week where I had meetings and workshops which I had to attend so couldn’t get my runs in.

So training week 4 = 1 run on the treadmill in the gym.  It wasn’t a bad run: 39 minutes and a distance of 4.9 km including the 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down.  My average speed was 7.55 km/h and average pace was 7.57 min/km.

Between run 1 of week 4 and the beginning of week 5 I was knocked sideways by a cold (it wasn’t flu but I spent one day in bed and didn’t go to work because I wasn’t fit to drive and wasn’t up to walking the 3 miles each way to work).  I did get 2 runs in last week (week 5) but as I was still getting over the cold they weren’t great:

Week 5, run 1: 26 minutes; 3.17 km
Week 5, run 2: 22 minutes; 2.69 km

This week, week 6, is almost as bad as the last couple as it is half term so I can’t get out running or to the gym much.  Monday was Bank Holiday so we walked to town as a family.  Hey, at least it was exercise and I did get out.  The Man was working yesterday so I was at home with my boy, no run then.  Again, my boy and I did get out for a walk – we walked to Tesco and then home via the butchers.  Not a bad walk, I even recorded them on my Sports Tracker app.  I did get to the gym today for a run and strength training session as it is going to be my one and only this week.

Week 6, run 1: 35 minutes; 4.52 km on treadmill including warm up and cool down

Tomorrow will be more walking as we are going to Durham :).  Finally, Friday is the Farmer’s Market in York so we will be walking in to town once more to go to that.  As the run is on Sunday, I won’t be doing any exercise on Saturday apart from anything which I will do as part of a training day at work.

Here’s hoping that I will manage to get through the Race for Life 5k in a reasonable time.  I was aiming for 35 minutes or less but I think I will be happy with between 35 and 40 minutes.  Then it will be time to start training for the Run for All 10k on 4th August.


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