Virtual Walks – March Update

I walked 182 km (113 miles) during March, a little bit further than February so I’m making progress on my virtual walks.

York to Walt Disney World

I have now completed 3,267.33 km of my walk from York, UK to Walt Disney World. Only 3,614.67 to go! As I decided to try to map my walk from Mary’s Harbour, NL, Canada to WDW, as it is an almost direct line across from the UK, I have completed 719.33 km of my 4,334 km in North America.  Since 1 March 2013, I have continued my “walk” from Black Duck Cove towards Channel Port Aux Basques, NL where I will then get the ferry to North Sydney, NL.  I am about 31 miles away from Channel Port Aux Basques so will hopefully be on the ferry when I do my update next month.

Olympics Walk

I have now completed 2499.98 km of my 2883 km virtual walk from Athens to London which I started to coincide with the Olympics last year. Only 383.02 km to go! I am now on the A4 on my way to Calais.

I hope to be doing a good few miles this month as we have our holiday scheme at work which means I should be walking to work (5km each way) every day for the next couple of weeks and then will be back in the gym and pool to prepare for the Swimathon on 27th April.