Driving Music

This is a re-blog from my Driving for Girls blog which I wrote in mid-January 2013.  As I don’t have a lot of traffic to that blog I thought I’d put it on here too with a view to maybe closing that blog and just adding my driving blogs to this one as I seem to blog about driving on here too anyway.

My husband and I were driving to the gym this morning when a song came on the radio with a siren as part of the soundtrack.  This got both of us looking for an emergency vehicle while I turned the radio off to make sure that there was a siren and that it wasn’t coming from the radio.

Earlier this week I read an article on confused.com’s news and views section about the 10 most dangerous songs to drive to.  Unsurprisingly, upbeat rock music is the most dangerous whereas soft music with 60-80 beats per minute are the safest.  I would disagree with this in certain circumstances.  If I am tired, yes I know you shouldn’t drive tired but sometimes it is unavoidable, I need music with more beat and a slower song would definitely put me to sleep.  However, I think that music which uses sirens as part of the soundtrack could be even more dangerous as drivers will be looking around for emergency vehicles which are not there.

You could argue that the solution is to not listen to music whilst driving which, yes, is best practice for good, attentive driving but listening to the radio is also useful to advise drivers of traffic conditions and changes in the weather.

Do you listen to music or the radio when driving?  Do you think it helps or hinders your driving?

Take care and drive safe.