Virtual Walks – February Update

Here we go with the next update for my Virtual Walks from York to Walt Disney World and Athens to London.  You can read my previous update from November 2012 if you wish but I’m not sure it was all that exciting.

Not a bad months worth of exercise in February to clock up 177.65 km (111 miles).

I have completed 3085.23 km of my walk from York, UK to Walt Disney World. Only 3,796.77 to go! As I decided to try to map my walk from Mary’s Harbour, NL, Canada to WDW, as it is an almost direct line across from the UK, I have completed 537.23 km of my 4,334 km in North America. I have “walked” from Mary’s Harbour down the Trans-Labrador Highway to Blanc Sablon where I got the ferry to Black Duck Cove. From Black Duck Cove I have “walked” along the NL-430S and am now heading towards Channel Port Aux Basques, NL where I will then get the ferry to North Sydney, NL.

I have now completed 2317.88 km of my 2883 km virtual walk from Athens to London which I started to coincide with the Olympics last year. Only 565.12 km to go! I think I am somewhere between Nancy and Paris on the N4.

I tried to embed maps of the virtual walks but they don’t seem to want to work so if you want to see them you’ll have to click on the “View Larger Map” links.  Sorry.


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