Back to Fitness 2013 – Week 2

I had a plan last week, really I did, but you know what they say about plans; they are subject to change.  I was going to go swimming twice, to the gym twice, to karate and walk to work once.  Well, I went swimming once, to the gym once and walked to work 4 times.  I still managed to get in over 300 minutes of cardio exercise and strength training during my gym work-out.

Oh, I nearly forgot, I also went to karate for a fantastic back to basics session.  We ran through all the strikes and blocks (both basic and advanced techniques) and all four basic kicks.  My bum and thighs didn’t half hurt the next day when I was doing my training session with my trainer the next day.

With snow here this week, exercise is going to take a dip again this week but I will be going to the gym tomorrow and Thursday and will probably walk to work on Wednesday and Friday; as well as more karate 😀


3 thoughts on “Back to Fitness 2013 – Week 2

  1. rynnasaryonnah

    Wow. You make me look lazy. Which I am undeniably. I’d like to start running again soon. Hopefully we’ll have clear days ahead.

    1. fisefton Post author

      Thanks for your comment. If we have non-rainy days I do try to walk to work if I know I won’t be able to get to the gym to go swimming. I also go to karate with my son and I give my friend’s kids a lift so if I don’t go I feel guilty. I’m not very good at running so I have to have an event to aim for; the fact that I raise money for the charity I work for while I’m doing it is a bonus.

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