Back to Fitness – Week 1

It was back to school for my son this week which meant I was back in the gym for the first time in a couple of months. I’d let things slide in November and December between our surprise Disney trip for my son and getting ready for Christmas but I am determined to get back in the swing of things over the next few months.

I have, once again, signed up for the Swimathon (5,000m challenge) at the end of April and the Run for All 10k in York at the beginning of August. When registration opens, I will also be entering the Race for Life during the Summer. So, hopefully training for these events will keep me on track especially as I am now a member of a gym and, unless it snows and I can’t get to the gym, I can’t use the weather as an excuse for not getting my training runs in.

So, on to my review of the past week. I had planned to exercise Monday to Friday and then have Saturday and Sunday off. However, that didn’t quite pan out. I went swimming on Monday for the first time since I finished the Swimathon last April! It wasn’t bad – 22 lengths in 13 minutes. I am following’s Get Toned programme and Monday was session 1.

On Tuesday I had a 1 hour training session with a personal trainer. Fantastic! Thank you to my husband who bought me 10 PT sessions for Christmas. The downside to having a PT session as my first session back in the gym? I really ached on Wednesday.

Wednesday started with a walk to work (5km) and a walk home. I then went to a karate training session which, as the first session back after Christmas was a “fitness” session which included a lot of press-ups and crunches as well as the usual strikes, blocks and kicks. We also went through about 9 different katas. Loved the session but ached even more afterwards and getting into some of the low stances with muscles which were already aching from Tuesday’s training was not easy.

I was back in the gym on Thursday and started with a couch to 5k run. I have decided to try the 5k 101 programme and completed week 1 day 1. As I will only be running 1 or 2 days each week it is going to take me longer than 8 weeks to finish the programme but I am hoping that the swimming, karate and PT sessions will help in the long run. As swimming is my first event that is what I will be doing twice a week rather than the running. After the Swimathon, running will take priority although will probably only be twice a week as my karate training is always on a Wednesday and if I not to carry on with PT sessions I have to do those on either Tuesday or Thursday. After my run, I went through some strength training exercises with my husband.

I was hoping to go swimming on Friday but my shoulders were so sore I could hardly rotate them for front crawl so decided to walk to work, and back, instead.

All in all, a good first week. My plan for next week is for more of the same with PT on Thursday instead of Tuesday. Not sure how I’ll manage as the forecast is for snow tonight and tomorrow which means I’ll be walking to work rather than driving so won’t get to the swimming pool. Oh well, we’ll see.


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