Writing Challenge: Map It

Thank you Daily Post for the new Writing Challenge.  This is the first one I’ve done so please bear with me.  The challenge this week is to include a map in a blog post.

My first thought was that I could blog about my runs but I haven’t done any outside runs for a while and I don’t want to publish my running routes on here anyway.  Then I thought about using one of the suggestions which was made on the Writing Challenge post and produce a map of the places I’d like to go, if I won the lottery and could afford to take the time off work to go round the world.  Finally, I thought about doing a map of my virtual walk from home to Walt Disney World.  This is quite hard as I can’t actually walk, or drive, to Walt Disney World from home as there is a little problem of the Atlantic Ocean in the way.  However, I can get directions from home to the west coast of Ireland and then get new directions from somewhere in Canada down the east coast of America to Walt Disney World.  So, that it what I am going to do, I hope.

This is the planned route for my virtual walk. However, as I have calculated the distance “as the crow flies” for my challenge this isn’t entirely accurate but I wanted to be able to walk through towns and cities and, if I ever find the time, be able to say “I’m now in …”.

I calculated that the route from Mary’s Harbour, NL, Canada to Disney’s Animal Kingdom was 4,334 km so I would need to start the American leg of my walk after I completed 2,548 km.  The York to Keel leg of my walk was 452 miles (723 km) – oh the joys of having different measurements for different legs of the journey!  So my Atlantic crossing was only 1,825 km when I know it should be *a lot* more.  I use km on my pedometer, treadmill at the gym and running app which is why I chose to measure kilometres for the walk.

As at 1 January, I had completed 2,695 km up to the 31st December 2012 leaving 4187 km to complete.  Therefore, I am now on the Trans-Labrador Hway/NL-510 on my way to Blanc Sablon where I will get the ferry to St Barbe.

For the UK leg of the walk I went from York through West Yorkshire and Lancashire to Liverpool to get the ferry to Dublin.  From Dublin I went through Co Meath, Co Westmeath, Co Longford, Co Roscommon, Co Galway and Co Mayo.