Daily Prompt: Resolved

Yesterday’s daily prompt was

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

Well, yes and no.  I’ve never kept the ones where I said that I would stop biting my finger nails or finally lose that last 10 lbs to bring my weight back down to pre-pregnancy weight – it’s been 18 years now I don’t think that’s going to happen!  However, for the past couple of years I’ve set little goals for myself which I have met.

Last year I set a goal to have something for breakfast every day.  It could just be a glass of orange juice but as long as I put something in my stomach at the beginning of the day it counts.  I did it and am still doing it – yay me!

I also “resolved” to end the year at the same weight or less than I started last year.  I didn’t finish lower than my weight on 31 December 2011 but my weight on 1 January 2013 was less than my highest weight during 2012 so I decided that counts.

This year, I have set a goal to do 250 to 300 minutes of exercise every week.  I’m not sure I’ll manage this in December in the run up to Christmas but you never know.  I managed an exercise streak of something like 30 weeks last year so am going to try to make it 52 this year.


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