Daily Prompt: The Early Years

This one was tough!  I mean, thanks to daily prompt, I have to write page 3 of my autobiography about the early years of my life.  My first thought was, “but what did I write on the first 2 pages and how long were they?”  Then I thought, “Is that the third page of the part of the book where I’ve started the story or page 3 of the actual book?”  What I mean is, when you read a book you have a lot of blurb at the front before you actually get to the story so would it be the title page, contents page, legal page or page 3 of the story ignoring the blurby bits?

I’ve decided that it would be page 3 of the actual book as a whole rather than the story because I can’t publish page 3 of the story without writing the first 2 pages and I really don’t have time for that.  I have decided that page 1 would be the title, page 2 the legal blurb and page 3 is the acknowledgements or dedication page so here it is:

“To my husband, Rob and my son, Adam for their continued support and inspiration.”


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