Embarrassed? They should be…

2012-12-28 12.39.53

I don’t know about you but I’d be really embarrassed to leave my car parked like that.  I saw this car parked at a shopping centre yesterday while I was looking for a car parking space.  The car park was overflowing and other drivers had left their cars on the pavements, grass verges and up the kerbs so that it was difficult to get round the car park and yet someone had left their car very obviously in two spaces!  When we went in to the shopping centre there was an announcement asking the owner of the car to move it as it was causing an obstruction unfortunately, either the driver ignored the request or had taken the bus in to town as the car was still there when we came out over an hour later.

My husband saw this picture and, as a driver trainer, tried to find the positives of this parking attempt.  He could only find one – they reversed in to the space!