Daily Prompt – High Noon

OK, so this was posted on daily post yesterday but as I get my prompts by email and wasn’t on my computer yesterday I missed it.  Never mind, I’m doing it today.  So the prompt for 25th December was:

At noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.

Well, I can’t remember what I was doing at noon yesterday, probably something to do with making the lunch – potatoes, carrots, cabbage, yorkshire puddings…

Anyway, I’m posting this today instead so what was I doing at 12.00 noon?  Well, I was/am planning my new fitness programme for January 2013.  So I was looking up 5k and 10k training programmes so that I can be ready for my 5k Race for Life and 10k Run for All runs in the Summer.  I found some great links and will be trying a couple of podcasts this year:

Being in the UK, I started using the NHS Choices Couch to 5k podcast last year but never actually finished it!  It really enjoyed it so think I will try it again this year http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/couch-to-5k.aspx

5k101 from Running Mate is a free podcast which you can get through iTunes http://runningmatemedia.com/5k-101/

I plan to follow one plan before extending the time I can run for and then follow the other couch to 5k plan with a faster interval speed with the goal of completing the 5k faster or going further on my longer runs in preparation for the 10k.

One final thing, on Christmas Eve Daily Post challenged us to blog every day for a week.  I am aiming to do that too, starting today.  Considering my blogging has been very hit and miss recently, wish me luck!