Virtual Walks

I haven’t updated anything on here for a while so I thought I’d just give a quick update on my virtual walks.  I am currently doing 2 virtual walks, one as part of my 101 in 1,001 challenge – walking from home to Walt Disney World – and one which I set for myself as part of the build up to the Olympics and Paralympics – walking from Athens to London.

I started my walk from home (York) to Walt Disney World (WDW) on 26th December 2011 and have until September 2014 to finish it.  As the crow flies, it is 6,882km from York to WDW.  So far, I have completed 2,060.79km.  The monthly breakdown is as follows:

Monthly total Total done Left to go
Dec-11 22.14 22.14 6859.86
Jan-12 169.38 191.52 6690.48
Feb-12 185.27 376.79 6505.21
Mar-12 227.80 604.59 6277.41
Apr-12 162.76 767.35 6114.65
May-12 251.99 1019.34 5862.66
Jun-12 219.26 1238.60 5643.40
Jul-12 286.85 1525.45 5356.55
Aug-12 272.54 1797.99 5084.01
Sep-12 262.80 2060.79 4821.21

I have 33 months to complete my walk which means I need to average at least 208 km per month.  Thanks to walking to work during the Summer I think I’m on target to reach my goal.

My other walk, from Athens to London in celebration of the Olympics doesn’t feel like it is going anywhere fast.  I think that is because I am following the progress of this one using a Google Map and am on 603 km stretch from Brindisi to Pescara, the first leg through Italy.  I have completed 1,307.57 km of 2,883 km.  Oh well, hopefully I’ll finish this walk by May next year and can maybe think about walking from London to Rio de Janeiro in time for the next Olympics in 2016!  Hmm, I wonder how far that is?  As the crow flies of course.