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Run For All 2012



York played host to the Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All 10k for the 4th time last Sunday (5th August) and I was taking part, again with the support of my husband and son, as always.  It was my 4th 10K but I wasn’t expecting to do very well as my training had been very hit and miss. I also didn’t do the Race For Life which I usually do as a warm up for the Run for All. I planned to run the first 3km or so in about 24 minutes and then do intervals of 10 minutes running and 2 minutes walking for the rest of the 10k. I hoped to finish in 1 hour 20 minutes.

I had my Gymboss interval timer set and turned it on when I crossed the start line. I needed to run for the first 2 intervals and could then take a 2 minute walking rest. I wanted to be at least at the 3k mark by that walking break but if I could be further then I’d be very happy. As it happens I got to 3k in 21 minutes! If I could have carried on running I would have been on target to finish in 1 hour 10 minutes. Unfortunately, I really needed that walk. I wish I had a breakdown of the speed of my running and walking intervals so that I could work out if it was worth doing the intervals or if I should have run at a slower pace throughout the 10k.

However I finished in a time of 1hour 16 minutes 9 seconds. I’m not sure I would have finished that fast if I’d kept running.

I will be entering the Run for All again next year on the 4th August and hope to put in more training so I can get a PB. Maybe I should join a gym again so that I can go on a treadmill when the weather is as bad as it was this year


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4 thoughts on “Run For All 2012

  1. Congrats on your time! I was gonna go for that one, but couldn’t get time off of work. Doing the Birchwood 10k next week instead. Well done!

  2. Congratulations!!

    The treadmill is a good idea I think. You can never rely on the weather!