Have you been watching the Olympics?

Plinky prompt – Will you watch the Olympics?

I’m a bit late responding to this prompt but YES! I’m watching as much of the Olympics as I can. Team GB are doing fantastically well with 25 Golds so far and we still have a couple of days to go with athletes from Team GB still competing.

I love the Olympics, and sport in general, but these Games have really inspired me to get back out there and train for an event for me. I took part in the Jane Tomlinson’s Run for All 10k for the 4th time this year and the run was the day after Mo Farrah won Gold in the 10,000m in London. It was also the day of the women’s Marathon. It gave me the push to try to get round the course so I could get home before the Marathon coverage started :o) I finished in 1 hour 16 minutes, which with very little training due to the weather and work/family commitments wasn’t too bad – only 3 minutes slower than my PB.

Anyone else inspired by the Olympics? What are you going to get involved in because you have been inspired? I’m looking forward to getting back in the pool and out on my runs when my son goes back to school.

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  1. fisefton Post author

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    This is a bonus blog this week from my personal blog (Fi’s Mutterings and Mumblings). I have loved watching the Olympics for the past 2 weeks and wished that this was not my busiest time of year – I work for SNAPPY 12 hours per week during term time but my hours increase to 4 full days a week for the 6 weeks of the Summer holidays, as well as working for my clients at Your PA Solution. Fortunately, my clients know and understand that my hours at SNAPPY increase during the Summer and that I will catch up on any outstanding work in September (any VAT returns and payroll will still be processed even if I have to work 16 hour days).

    We can take a lot of lessons and inspiration from our Olympic athletes and when I have time to sit down and do a full blog I hope to look more closely at those lessons. In the meantime, I fully intend to enjoy the final weekend of wonderful sport and the closing ceremony.

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