Proud to be British

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Like however many billions of people around the world, I watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony last night and all I can say is “Wow!” We put on a great show and I had more than one tear in my eye for each part as it was revealed.

The opening with the 4 hymns sung by children from the 4 countries of the UK were amazing as was our “green and pleasant land” before it was ripped up by the Industrial Revolution.  What were they making?  The 5 Olympic rings, of course.

The best bit for me, apart from the lighting of the cauldron, had to be the Queen and James Bond.  What a coup!  To get the Queen to be part of the film.  It was brilliant.  My other favourite bit was Rowan Atkinson.

Finally, the entry of the athletes was actually quite quick due to upbeat drumming and music.  The crowd went wild when the GB team entered.  But, who would light the cauldron?  Top tips included Sir Steve Redgrave and Roger Bannister.  Who was waiting for the flame by the Thames?  Sir Steve Redgrave.  So, would he be lighting the cauldron?  Or would there be a twist?  Of course there was a twist.  Sir Steve handed the torch over to the future of British sport, each of 7 athletes chosen by 7 of our Olympians.  It was inspired.

The Opening Ceremony was wonderful and I am now looking forward to 16 days of fantastic sport starting this morning with rowing, swimming and cycling.  Come on GB!

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