Good Eats in York

Via   “What are your 3 favourite restaurants?”

This is a new one for us as the Harvester has only just opened locally. We used to love going to the Harvester where we used to live in Hampshire but they didn’t have one here until last month. I like the Harvester because the meals are reasonably priced and the sundaes are lovely but it is the salad bar which is included in the price which we really like.

Wetherby Whaler
A local fish and chip restaurant on the outer ring road, next to a Premier Inn. We usually get takeaway fish and chips from our local chippy but if we want a fish and chip dinner from a sit down restaurant, the Wetherby Whaler is where we go.

More of a tea shop than a restaurant in York’s city centre, opposite McDonald’s, Bullivant’s has been a family favourite since we moved to York over 10 years ago. The staff are friendly and the food is great. When we first moved they used to do a 1/2 jacket potato for my son instead of a full one even though it wasn’t on their children’s’ menu.