The Olympic Torch came to York

The Olympic Torch arrived in York yesterday afternoon/evening and stayed overnight until it left on the train this morning on its way to Thirsk.  My son and I went to see it on its way in to town down Tadcaster Road and we had a great view.

After the torch had gone past, it was a short walk over to the York Racecourse for the stage show, promoters’ stands and to see the torch come to the stage to light the cauldron where the flame would burn overnight.

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It was amazing to see and, although my son and I didn’t really watch the show or go to any of the stands, it was worth being there to see it.  The one thing which spoiled it a little for me was that although the organisers had put up large tv screens for those of us at the back to be able to see the show and the torch as it came in to the race course, the sound wasn’t very good so we couldn’t hear what was being said unless we were directly under a big screen.

The Torch then left York this morning on a train from the National Railway Museum to continue on it’s journey around the UK.

Other websites which have more information, and pictures, about the Torch in York are:


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